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The Leadership Nexus™ is a groundbreaking approach to leadership that examines how “thought time” is related to “action”. From entry-level managers to high-level executives, The Leadership Nexus™ helps leaders of all types function at their highest levels of expertise and ensures that work is getting done at the right level, by the right people, at the right time.

Use The Leadership Nexus™ as the starting point for your individual leadership development, or use the instrument to jumpstart the developmental process for your team.

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The Leadership Nexus™ helps you align thought with action. It was developed by the experts at Associates For Professional Development. Click here to learn more.

The Leadership Nexus™ is a unique way of examining the foundational elements of leadership: thought and action. Each of these elements is essential, but they are distinctly different in nature.

Thought Time involves:

  • understanding the areas of attention that are most important to success, and
  • making effective decisions out of those thoughts.

Focus Thought Time on the wrong areas and effective decision-making becomes difficult.

Action Time includes:

  • what consumes our time,
  • how we act on our priorities.

The nexus of thought and action provides an innovative, actionable approach to leadership and how to develop it more effectively.

There are two primary ways to use The Leadership Nexus Assessment.

  • First, it can be used to clarify the leadership demands at each level of the organization and to identify the corresponding skills necessary for leader success. The activities provided in this book will help strengthen existing leadership skills and assist in developing new ones.
  • Second, The Leadership Nexus Assessment can be used to measure how much time and energy is currently being spent on each individual set of leadership skills. Regardless of position, a leader can use this score to better understand what constitutes higher level thinking and to challenge their growth by better understanding what it means to work at the top of their degree or license.

Like most assessments of this type, The Leadership Nexus is appropriately understood as a snapshot of an individual’s leadership at the time it was taken, so the nexus point may or may not be different a month or a year from now. The assessment is best used to help grow leadership capacities today, and to help continue that growth tomorrow and beyond.

Have you ever looked back at the end of the day and wondered, "What did I really do today?"

Experiencing the power of the interplay between thought and action and striving to better understand their alignment creates opportunities for stronger, more effective leadership.

The Leadership Nexus™ Assessment is a leadership development tool that can help you reshape your approach to leadership by helping you identify your use of both Thought Time (focus) and Action Time (priorities).

Use it to:
  • Tap into your inner skills
  • Align your skills with the needs of your job
  • Open up your developmental possibilities

Click below to begin your Leadership Nexus journey by purchasing The Leadership Nexus™ ebook.

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“At Associates For Professional Development, we believe that leadership is the ability to recognize an opportunity to act in a way that positively affects the needs of the people and institutions around us.”

Does everyone on your team seem really busy, but you know they’re not working up to their highest level of effectiveness? Are your high level leaders spending more time putting out fires that should be handled by other members of the team? Are staff level workers wanting to grow, but not engaged in the solutions?

If you answered “Yes” to one, or all of these questions, The Leadership Nexus is a way for you to realign yourself and your team to help everyone function at the highest levels of their expertise.

When used with teams, The Leadership Nexus™ Assessment becomes a powerful tool for establishing benchmarks and goals for all leaders, regardless of position.

The Leadership Nexus™ for teams includes an assessment for each team leader along with a team leader composite that quickly and effectively identifies the general leadership position of the team.

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Includes a composite
Leadership Nexus score

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